ShotKam 4 NEW

with 12 Gauge mount

ShotKam 4 NEW

with 12 Gauge mount

Regular price£649.00
  • 4K video resolution
  • All-day battery life
  • Double WiFi speed
  • Up to 8x Zoom
  • 30-Day Trial Period extended through January 31
  • 2-Year Full Coverage Warranty

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    • 4th Generation ShotKam (NEW)
    • 12 Gauge Quick-Release Mount
    • Built-in 128 GB memory card 
    • USB-C cable and wall adapter
    • Camera carrying case
    • Hex-end screwdriver to tighten screws
    • Spare parts


      Can I mount it onto other barrels, rifles, or compound bow?

      Yes, click on the "Accessories" tab to purchase additional mounts. Your purchase includes a 12 Gauge, but additional attachments are available for £39 each. 

      Can I use it on other barrels or rifles?

      Yes, click here to view our rifle chart. Visit our Help Center here to view our most frequently asked questions. 

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        Extra Barrel Attachments

        The 12-gauge quick-release bracket is included with your ShotKam Camera.

        Read FAQ about rifles and brackets

        20 Bore Quick-Release Mount
        28 Bore Mount
        .410 Mount
        .410 Mount £39.00
        12 Bore Side-by-Side Mount
        Bow Mount
        Bow Mount £39.00
        Camera Warming Sleeve
        ShotKam Grey Embroidered Hat
        Orange Lens Covers (Pack of 5)

        Unboxing Video

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